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The wine-growing part is based on approximately forty hectares (HA) of vineyards, most of which are DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata). Among the grape varieties we have seven different types

A red grape variety, native in Molise and cultivated exclusively in this region. Late-ripening, it has medium-sized, sparse and sometimes winged clusters. The berries are small, with thick, pruinose skins of a beautiful blue-black colour.

A black grape variety, indigenous to the Abruzzo region. Both bunch and berry are of medium size. The bunch is winged and conical, the berry is black with a thick skin, which determines its late harvest, usually in October.

Black grape variety from the Tuscan region. Sangiovese is a type of grape that ripens late and also has a good ability to adapt to different types of soil. Wines made from Sangiovese have a rather high acidity, moderate colour and medium structure.

A volcanic red grape variety grown mainly in Campania and Basilicata. The bunch is compact, medium-sized and cylindrical-conical in shape, simple or with one or two well-defined wings.

A white grape variety, originating in Tuscany. Its adaptation to various climatic zones allows it to spread throughout much of our territory. It has golden, almost amber-coloured berries, producing light, slightly acidic wines from its grapes.

A white grape variety, with clusters that are golden yellow in colour, almost transparent, very sugary and very aromatic. This type of grape ripens in the second to third decade of September.

A white grape variety from Campania, cultivated mainly in hilly areas characterised by a hot and very dry climate. It is characterised by the size of its clusters and thick-skinned, robust grapes.

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