EVO Oil can 2,3,5,10 L

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Extra virgin olive oil (EVO) in 2/3/5/10 L cans.
Product extracted by cold pressing from olives grown and pressed in Italy. The cold extraction and non-filtration allow all its organoleptic qualities to remain unaltered, ensuring a high number of polyphenols.
These types of cans are ideal for daily use.

The blend oil is made by blending Coratina, Leccino and Peranzana olives. This oil is for those who like a light to medium taste.

Such oil is obtained from expert research, finding the right balance between the different varieties of selected olives to give you the best possible experience.

To store extra virgin olive oil properly, without altering its characteristics, it is necessary to preserve it mainly from light, air, odours and temperatures (too high or too low). Extra virgin olive oil should therefore be stored in dark, cool and dry places, away from heat sources. It is recommended to close the bottle after use in order to prevent air and odours from entering and altering the taste.

If the product is well stored, the shelf life is around 12 to 18 months after bottling.

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2 reviews for EVO Oil can 2,3,5,10 L

  1. Luca

    Precious, it is sublime on the palate, the oil from Maglietta's production is tasty and palatable thanks to its well-known organoleptic properties. Highly recommended.

  2. Elisabetta

    We have been buying the oil for 5 years, a guarantee!

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