Tenuta Maglietta oil



The olive-growing part consists of about twelve hectares of olive trees based on the production of different qualities of olives such as Leccino, Peranzana and Coratina.

LECCINO : Leccino is a variety with Tuscan origins. On the palate it is soft and balanced in both spicy and bitter flavours.  

PERANZANA : These are olives that can be found mainly in the province of Foggia between San Severo, Torremaggiore and San Paolo di Civitate. The sweet note of the oil it produces maintains a balance with the bitter and spicy notes of medium intensity. 

CORATINA : The Coratina olive is widespread in Puglia.  Its name derives from the city of Corato in the province of Bari.  It is a particularly productive plant and the oil obtained from it is particularly aromatic with a bitter aftertaste.

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